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☆ for all that cassidy sanders knows, she was born to a single mother who worked long hours to provide for her daughter and give her the life she never got to have. she might not have been able to change the "father not being around" part, but she did her best to make sure that her daughter was never left wanting. despite the hours at her job being long, she was lucky enough that she got to spend a lot of time with cassi at her job. it wasn't uncommon for cass to join her mother at the museum and help her in her daily studies.

☆ because of the time she got to spend with her mother at the new york museum of natural history, cassi became enamored with all things historical. while she enjoyed modern history, ancient history was her bread and butter. she could get lost reading into all the different cultures. mythology because a quick favorite of hers. some of her fondest memories were of her mother reading her various stories about all the different gods and goddesses of all the different religions.

☆ in school, cassi was a bright student. she kept mostly to herself and kept her nose down (or in a book). she was also a bit of an "ugly duckling" and was given a rough time as she and her peers hit puberty. it wasn't until she entered high school and made a few more friends that she started to come more into her own and grow into the beautiful swan her mother saw her as, both physically and mentally. it was with these friends that cassi was able to discover herself and become happy with who she was.

☆ when it came time to go off to college, cassi only knew that she waned to study history. she applied to over two dozen schools all over the country, ranging from the university of hawaii the air force academy. she was accepted into all but three. much to her surprise she was accepted into the air force academy but didn't accept their offer. she'd really only applied there on a dare made by a friend. instead she decided to attend the university of massachusetts boston and become a minuteman, going for a double bachelor's in archaeology and history with a minor in women's and gender studies.

☆ it was hard for cassi to leave everything she'd known in new york city to attend college nearly four hours away. for the first few months of her freshman year she came home on the weekends nearly every weekend. she didn't care how long of a train ride she was in for, seeing her friends and her mother made it all worth it. but as she got further into the school year she found herself with less and less time to go home. she was so busy with school she barely noticed the homesickness until one day she didn't notice it at all.

☆ as fate would have it, cassi wouldn't be without her friends or family for long. with just a year left in her bachelor's degree, her mother got a job at the harvard museum of natural history and moved to boston. by the time she was finished with her degree and starting on grad school, her closest friends had all managed to make their way to the coastal city and plant their own roots. no longer did cassi have to "go home" on weekends... home had come to her.

☆ now 25 and having finished her masters in history she's taken a year off to figure out if she wants to go for a doctorate or see what she could do in her chosen field with her chosen degrees. she managed to secure a job at the peabody museum where she interned and, for the moment, is quite content with her place in life. of course, this could all change in the blink of an eye, but for now she's having fun living the course that life has put her on.

ONE isn't entirely sure what she wants to do with her life, but is currently not too concerned with it. she's attending boston university for her master's in history. she's particularly fond of ancient history and mythology; greek and roman to be exact.
two recently joined the society for creative anachronism and is learning how to sword fight. she's also taken part in a few local dagorhir battles as well as various larping sessions. oh, and she's a huge renaissance faire nerd. she goes every chance she gets and gets into full character.
three loves trivia nights at pubs and regularly begs her roommates to go with her. despite being a very meek person, she has a huge competative streak.
four can play the guitar though she rarely, if ever, does. her mother had her pick an instrument to learn to play when she was younger and it was either the guitar or the flute and she thought the flute would take more effort to learn.
five always wanted to take horse back riding lessons when she was younger but never got the chance. even in her adult life she dreams of one day learning but for now is content with watching horse shows on tv. some day she'll own a horse. some day.
six cassi's father has never been in the picture and as far as cassi is concerned, he's dead. for the first few years he paid child support, but by the age of five he'd stopped doing even that much.
cassandra sandsmark Basic Information
Cassandra "Cassie" Sandsmark is the second person to be called Wonder Girl; the first being Donna Troy. Cassie is the daughter of Dr. Helena Sandsmark and the Greek god Zeus.

Cassie spent most of her time at her mother's work at the Gateway City Museum of Antiquities, where she had a penchant for getting into trouble. She quickly befriended her mother's new employee, Wonder Woman, and was eager to help her. During a fight with a Doomsday clone and another battle with Decay, she created a costume and used magical acquirements (the Sandals of Hermes and the Gauntlet of Atlas) to help Wonder Woman, much to her mother's horror. Cassie later had the opportunity to ask Zeus for a boon, and requested real superpowers. Zeus granted her request, but gave Dr. Sandsmark the ability to deactivate them. Dr. Sandsmark, however, reluctantly accepted her daughter's wish to be a superheroine and rarely if ever uses this ability. Artemis was assigned as her teacher.

Even without her power, Cassie was a problem child, and frequently had to change schools. Throughout her teens, she attended Holliday School for Girls, Brewer High School, Dennis Peterson High School, Gateway City High School, and eventually the Saint Elias School for Girls.

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